Year-Round Christmas Decoration Ideas

It’s impossible to ignore the appeal of the dazzling lights and festive decorations spread around the house during Christmas. And it’s terrible to watch those cheery Christmas decorations take down when the holiday is done. It also might be quite the job to pack up all of those decorations. So rather than putting them up only for a short period, pick decorations that can operate all year round. It’s not only easier, but it’s more inexpensive and saves storage space.

Here are 11 Christmas décor ideas that are suited for more than just the month of December.


Separate the Green and Red


Many people link red and green with Christmas. So for a style that fits year-round, separate this typical Christmas color pallet after the holidays. For instance, bring your green throw pillows together with your red throw blanket for Christmastime, but then utilize them in distinct places for the rest of the year. You also can keep away from the color mix totally and use either red or only green. That will make switching out the seasonal elements more easy.


Use Neutrals and Metallics


You also don’t have to use red or green at all while decorating for Christmas. Instead, utilize gorgeous neutrals and metallics. In fact, blue and silver is a popular color combination for snowy Christmas decorations that also works well year-round. Simply add a few festive accents to your neutrals, such as a Christmas-themed photograph in a metallic frame, then swap them out after the season is gone.


Items with a Winter Theme should be shown.


Avoid Christmas decorations that are too literal, such as Santa Claus, nativity scenes, and mistletoe, in favor of winter-themed decor. You’ll be able to keep it up for a few months without raising any eyebrows for exhibiting jolly old Saint Nick on Valentine’s Day. Snowflakes, such as these medallion snowflakes, are a terrific option that may be festive for Christmas while still being lovely throughout the winter season.


Make use of pieces that can be used in a variety of ways.


Find décor products that you can effortlessly change up to suit your style preferences at any time of year. Clear glass hurricane vases, for example, may be filled with festive decorations or a string of lights for the holidays. Then, in the spring, they can contain fake flowers, in the summer, sand and candles, and in the fall, pinecones. To symbolize each season, get imaginative and create different scenarios inside it.


String Lights to the Ceiling


If you like the gentle, comfortable glow of your Christmas tree lights, there’s no reason to put them away. String lights may be used in a variety of creative and attractive DIY projects. If you don’t want to tie up your lights in a project so you can reuse them on the tree next year, thread them outside for ambient lighting on a deck or patio. When the time comes, you’ll be able to easily transport them back to your tree.


Find card holders that may be used for a variety of purposes.


Christmas card holders, which you can buy or make yourself, are a terrific way to deal with the flood of holiday cards that begin coming just after Thanksgiving. However, try to choose a card holder that isn’t too Christmas-themed. After the holidays are over, many card holders may be utilized as message boards, places to put ordinary mail, and more. You can easily dress them up for Christmas by adding red and green embellishments.


Make use of boxwood greenery.


Boxwood plants, valued for their tightly packed leaves and evergreen nature, are traditional Christmas greenery used in wreaths or topiaries. Boxwoods, on the other hand, don’t scream Christmas like holly or pine, so they may be utilized all year. Wrap a boxwood wreath with a crimson bow for Christmas, for example. Then, for the rest of the year, replace the red with burlap or linen accents. Throughout the winter and into the spring, its fresh green hue provides a brilliant sight.


Candles with a second life


When coupled with foliage or other holiday-themed decor, crimson candles scream Christmas. Red candles, on the other hand, may be used all year if they are isolated from their Christmas counterparts. They look excellent in warm-colored interiors, and they’d be ideal for lighting a romantic supper on Valentine’s Day. White candles, too, may be readily done up for the holidays. They’re also timeless neutrals that go with any décor motif and may be used at any time of year.

Window Candles for Display


Window candles, whether real or battery-operated, are a popular method to add a festive feel to the exterior of a home. Candles in windows, on the other hand, aren’t just for Christmas. People have burned candles in windows as a welcome gesture for weary visitors since colonial times. They exude a warm and friendly vibe. Make a wreath to hang a candle on. The basic foliage on the candle may make it suitable for any season.


Metallic Ornaments should be used.


While red, green, and even blue ornaments are difficult to pass off as anything other than Christmas tree decorations, the same cannot be said about metallic ornaments. Mercury glass and silver decorations make a wonderful neutral décor item. They look great in a bowl or a glass vase, and they give a bit of luxury to any room. You may even add sprigs of evergreen to them for a festive touch around Christmas.


Make a Wreath Out of Grapevines


You may decorate it with pinecones, red berries, and other seasonal decorations for Christmas. Use a burlap ribbon and small pumpkins for the fall season. Add imitation flowers and a false tiny bird’s nest for spring. Dress it up for summer with giant artificial flowers and vibrant hues. To make it easier to remove the design pieces, use wire. The possibilities are practically unlimited, making it far more adaptable than a traditional evergreen Christmas wreath.


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