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Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2021 is basically a combination of two shades – Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. It’s a fascinating mix of shades. Gray appears to reflect the power and determination it took to come out of 2020 while Illuminating’s mellow and charming shade of yellow brings hope for a better future.

We all know the drill when the Chinese New Year rolls around—aside from holding on to festive essentials, it’s also time to bring the joyful mood of spring into your home. Some people do this by covering their walls and doors with classical decorations that have many colors of red and gold. Although there is nothing wrong with doing that, it really doesn’t imply you can’t take another route—may be a more stylish and creative one—with your festive décor.

year of the ox color palette interior design living room

Gray Continues

For several years now, gray has been the hottest neutral. We felt that popularity has been a bit of a downturn in the last six months or so. Yet Pantone has certainly told the world that Gray is here to stay for a few years. The shade of gray selected for the Color of the Year Set – Ultimate Gray – is visually simple on the skin, and not a heavier or deeper shade of color. This hue of gray with its various slight forms is bound to be a neutral one that you will see in homes all over the world for a few more years, at least!

Brightness and Vitality

Sun-kissed interior spaces have a fascinating and energetic appeal that is unlike any other. Add a little yellow to your home and you’ll see a moment of clarity instantly! Even a hint of light yellow can enhance the ambiance of a room. With a choice like Illuminating, Pantone seems to have chosen the perfect color that we want to see in our homes as we move out of exhausting 2020 and eventually move into a much more positive year. Yellow is the color of life, energy, freshly marked of the beginning and auspicious moments in cultures all over the world.

Hope and Strength

The most noticeable feature of the two colors selected to be flag bearers for Pantone in 2021 is how one looks strong and reliable and the other is delightful and cheerful. And long before the two were partnered together as Color of the Year, the gray and yellow duo was a common choice between designers and homeowners alike. From beautiful yellow and gray kitchens to lovely bedrooms that feel modern and energetic at the same time, there are plenty of ways you can put these two shades together. Some of us already have this color scheme thriving in our house, while others will take enough inspiration from the many wonderful ideas on display today.

Putting Yellow and Gray in Different Parts of your Space

2021 color palette

Cool gray shades of yellow to create a complex, balanced palette. Although this color combination is popular, a special implementation ensures that the design of a space is anything but ordinary.

Living room 

Calming gray shades down the power of the yellow and, in return, the uplifting, sunny hue gives the gray a personality and strength that it would not have had on its own. Gray and yellow living room color scheme can be worked in many tastes and types, for example, pretty primrose and gray can bring a twist to conventional floral wallpaper in country rooms, often related to the industrial theme with cement and charcoal colors becoming even more dramatic and contemporary with warm mustard. Or, if you’re in a more conventional vein, you can’t go wrong with sophisticated old gold combined with calming ash.


We adore the several shades of gray and the adaptability that the color has when it comes to being used as a neutral predominant in the bedroom. Simply by choosing a darker gray, you can easily give the room a more significant, elegant look. On the other side of the spectrum are softer smoky gray shades, which can be used more widely in the room without any problems. Explore these many attractive shades before you really pick the right gray for your bedroom. Those who try to achieve a cheerful, Scandinavian style in the bedroom must prefer shades closer to white with red pops.


Yellow is one of those colors that appears to capture the cheerful delight of summer to perfection, and this is particularly true if you apply a light, fluffy hue or even a cool pastel yellow background to the kitchen. The farmhouse-style kitchen below blends this vibrant yellow magic with a dark gray backsplash and countertops to create a captivating and soothing kitchen. The stream of natural light continues to contribute to the happy mood.

When it comes to the kitchen, there is simply no excuse to hold on to yellow; except in the case of chic, contemporary kitchens. Gray here adds definition to the white cabinets and makes a major impression even though it is used in a very minimal way.


Gray Bathrooms with Yellow Accents is probably the most common way to mix gray and yellow in a modern bathroom. A gray bathroom allows you a lot of style freedom, and by maintaining the context neutral, you can change the appeal of the space by simply adjusting the accent additions. This helps you to switch between the hottest colors of the season with ease, and you can do so with reduced noise and cost-effective fashion. Beating the exhaustion of winter, complementing the breezy allure of summer, and fitting with the effervescence of spring and autumn, the yellow accents in the gray bathroom absolutely never miss!


Every color palette is special in its own way. They all convey something special, and each of them has properties that no other color can duplicate. But sometimes one color is clearly not enough to express just what you want and create the mood you want. That’s why you ought to blend. The possibilities of mixing all the colors are incredible, and they open up a whole new dimension. There are combos out there that catch the spirit of the decor and carry it to a whole new dimension.

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