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Trends are cyclical, and even the most scandalous tend to find a way to get back in vogue. Memphis Interior design is one example of how a trend that seemed crazy in the early days but is now back in style amongst influencers and tastemakers. The elements of Memphis-inspired design are basic geometric forms, flat colors mixed in bold, contrasting palettes, and stylized graphic patterns identified by black-and-white stripes and abstract doodles.

What is Memphis Interior Design?

Memphis is a design movement that started in 1981 and continues to this day. Although the name suggests that it started in Tennessee, it actually began in Milan, Italy. The Memphis Community was founded by Ettore Sottsass and other designers and architects. They named themselves after a Bob Dylan song called Trapped Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again, which was played frequently during their first meeting.

Memphis, like many other artistic movements, was a response to the status quo. Structure and straight lines dominated mid-century modern and minimalism in the 1950s and 1960s. To counter this, Sottsass based the group’s thinking on being “radical, humorous, and outrageous”—basically disregarding what was considered “good taste” at the time. Their unusual aesthetic was influenced by Art Deco abstract figures, Modern Art paint palettes, and 1950s kitsch.

What Are the Features of Memphis Design?

Whilst still art and design styles appear to overlap, there’s no doubting that Memphis is looking for anything else! Memphis interior design elements are distinctive and cannot be confused with other types of interior design. But what, precisely, is the design of Memphis? Here are a few primary elements you need to search for:

memphis interior design


Terrazzo is a popular flooring and wall treatment, tabletops and decorative objects. This composes of composite material that is either precast or placed into place, consists of marble, quartz, granite, or glass parts.

Flat Bold Colors

Flat bold colors are the central aspect of the Memphis Interior Design style. Contrasting palettes of colors are used to create a sense of drama in their style. Although these colors were initially used in Memphis Design in the 1980s, these colors are usually used in light and soft shades.


Squiggles, also identified as the Bacterio print, was created by Sottsass in 1978. Squiggle is a small line that curls and loops in an unusual style. Squiggles are known to be a signature characteristic of the Memphis style.

Geometrical Shapes

Abstract graphic designs have been commonly used in Memphis interior design for wall finishes. These graphics consist primarily of a combination of organic and inorganic shapes painted with simple, bold colors. You will rarely find symmetry in your approach and take a wide variety of ways in your approach.

Furniture, upholstery, cutlery, home decor items, wall finishes, lifestyle accessories, this style of design has left its mark on a wide range of products and is widely appreciated by people today, especially among teenagers.

If you have something to do with bright and bold colors and patterns, then there’s good news for you, because this style of design is very much in vogue.

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