Urban interior design
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Embracing Urban Interior Style

Urban interior design combines contemporary, historic, and traditional features to produce a fresh look that’s ideal for city living. The urban interior design incorporates factory transformations and loft environments as a basis, giving it a softer, more relaxed appearance than modern design trends. It utilizes small spaces to construct functional and practical living spaces. Exposed beams and unfinished surfaces, as well as materials like concrete, brick, and wood, are key architectural elements of urban architecture. Its features include minimalistic and big pieces of furniture with smooth lines, retro lighting, abstract shapes, and a color palette composed of a neutral foundation mixed with colors suggestive of nature, many of which are characterized by clear open space, bright colors, and clean finishes.

Urban interior elements and decorating ideas

urban interior design

This kind of interior design will range from earthy to eclectic, with a fundamentally cosmopolitan vibe. The room you work in also affects your choice of decor – with more relaxed and soothing elements in the bedroom and more lively, more contrasting elements in the dining room. To help you achieve this look in your house, here are some main urban design features and urban-style decorating ideas.

1.Urban-style flooring

For an urban-inspired interior design theme, wood and stone flooring are the ideal foundation. Tarkett’s furniture collections and natural-looking wood and stone patterned vinyl collections are designed to suit current interior design trends, giving you a full variety of urban-style flooring choices. For example, our Bohemian Explorer-influenced collections merge the past and current, the traditional and the new, to create flooring items that are ideal for an urban interior design theme.

2. Comfortable furnishings

Urban-style home furnishings are lighter and more relaxed than their modern counterparts. Natural-fiber rugs in warm colors, natural-colored throws, and cushions, and big, cozy sofas all contribute to a welcoming atmosphere. Choose casual pieces in earthy tones, such as shades of green, blue, and purple, for a more earthy look, or statement pieces in luxury materials, such as a velvet couch in lighter colors, for a more eclectic look.

3. Contrasting and complementary materials

Soft furnishings can be combined with contrasting yet complementary materials, such as metal railings on staircases, gold and bronze picture frames, and metal-framed mirrors.

4. Statement pieces

The urban interior design incorporates a lot of statement bits. Patterned rugs, big artworks, eye-catching floor-to-ceiling window curtains, and antique ornaments and furniture bring interest and texture to this urban retreat. Adding only one or two statement objects to your room gives it a sleek, industrial vibe while keeping it streamlined.

Making a bold declaration is essential for giving urban contemporary style personality. A statement object, whether it’s a piece of art, furniture with a bold design or vivid paint, or intriguing lighting, should be present in any room. However, a statement piece doesn’t have to be ostentatious; as long as your space has an intriguing aspect that makes it stand out, you’ve made a significant enough statement.

urban interior design

5. Soften it up

Interior design that is spirited, urban, and progressive is futuristic and commercial at its heart, but not as forcefully as ultra-modern or decidedly industrial design. From colder colors to finely engineered furnishings to casual soft furnishings, urban interior decorating prioritizes both luxury and genius style.

Find one-of-a-kind and complementary architectural styles to bring a space together with cosmopolitan flair while keeping it cozy and welcoming with minimal elements softened by plush fabrications and rugs. This is a tried-and-true approach for making your home feel more playful, special, and enticing in ways that ultramodern homes don’t.

6. Calming tones and hues

The goal of urban modern style is to create a peaceful, serene, yet beautifully furnished home with a lived-in charm for daily life. You’ll feel at ease and encouraged to make the most of your urban contemporary design path if you use neutrals and warm tones.

To escape what may otherwise feel like an unnecessarily industrial room, paint a feature wall, recess, or alcove a warm and welcoming color. This style has a really modern vibe to it, and neutrals are a must-have for grounding and tying it together.

7. Play with scale

Without needing to use a lot of different, mismatched notes, playing with scale is a simple way to add interesting elements to urban contemporary decor. Bright tones can give off an industrial, modern feel, but you also need a way to keep your design vibrant and pleasing to the eye.

This is where experimenting with size comes into play. For nuanced comparisons, combine bulky objects with the petite, such as lighting or sculpture. Often, experiment with rich blends to ensure that your take on urban contemporary interior design is exclusive to you.

8. Urban Modern Accessories

Plants and botanicals can be used to add a touch of organic and natural to the room, which can be combined with the urban chic decor to make it bright and airy. If you haven’t already done so, this is also a cost-effective way to introduce color.

Keep accessories to a minimum when focusing on urban modern design that has personality and elegance in limited doses, even though you don’t want your room to appear bare-boned utilitarian. To complete your attempt at mastering urban modern style, make sure the decorative pieces you do present are both practical and stunning additions.

9. Subtle Continuity

You don’t expect each room to look exactly the same, but you do want a sense of cohesion between them so they flow well and don’t seem disjointed. Using a common color to bind things together in your urban contemporary home is a smart and discreet way to establish consistency between spaces.

This may be the color of your windows, your furniture, or a set of complementary fabrications. Using a pattern or texture in the same way if you don’t want to be noticeable with contrasting colors throughout. This is a perfect way to keep new urban interior design concepts in harmony with one another by creating a shared foundation between spaces.

Is the urban modern design style right for you? Contact us and we’ll make your home a place to relax. 

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