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Tiny houses have become all the rage recently, but let’s face it: they can be very intimidating to make use of utility and aesthetics. If you’re someone who has ever lived in one (or plans to relocate to one) you obviously know that every square ft. is as valuable as gold—you have to be strategic on how to use every inch of your elegant space.

Luckily, there are simple interior tricks that you can use to optimize your limited space—and make it look stylish as well!

Trick your small space with contrasts and light colors that make rooms look bigger

You don’t need to add a minimalist look if this isn’t your style, but it helps if you can adopt a tonal theme for your room. This will help make your home look more focused and visually open up the room. The key here is to help reduce visual clumsiness. A maximum of four and a minimum of three colors would fit, with monochrome palettes being a good option. You should keep the walls neutral and use paint therapy on your sections and other supporting room fixtures.

Mirror, mirror on the wall…reflect it to fake it

Any consideration of small space must contain the concept of using mirrors to build a better sense of transparency since they replicate light and other areas of the room. Not only do they mirror light, but they also represent the vision, tricking the eye into perceiving more space. For maximum effect, consider the size and position of your mirrors for extra effects. Place a longer mirror next to the wall or a circular one in your bedroom to make space look a lot more vibrant and spacious.

small space

Open up your space with creative lighting

Natural light opens up every room’s interior and makes it seem bigger. That’s perfect if there’s natural light for you. However, if you don’t, don’t get frustrated. Using lighting fixtures, incorporate some innovative effects.

If you have access to natural light, it can immediately reconnect the room with the outside by taking it into your home through wide windows, no longer restricting your rooms. To let more light in, use sheer window coverings, or draw them back entirely. Place plants or flowers by the windows if the view is poor, and use lamps to brighten the room.

Get creative with furniture

The main way to make a room look larger is by choosing the right furniture. Use multifunctional furniture for one, such as a chest that can be used as a coffee table, a sofa bed, or a bed with drawers for storage. Nice picks are also expandable dining tables, folding tables, and nesting tables, which can be hidden away when you don’t need them.

Bear in mind the valuable room can be taken up by tall and heavy furniture. Choose a couch and chairs that have open arms and legs that are exposed. This helps light under the furniture to filter, making space look airier.

Maximize your room arrangement

Scale up the furniture to match the room’s size. To optimize the open space and make the room look smaller put larger pieces of furniture against the walls. Don’t block routes, either. If the vision of a room is obscured by chairs and decorations, it can appear crowded.

In any space, the longest straight line is the diagonal. It leads the eye along the longer wall as you position your furniture at an angle. Bonus: Any extra storage space behind the piece is also provided to you.

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