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Given the high cost of accommodation, especially in big cities, many of us are forced to live in small spaces than we would want. That’s why we talk so much about how to make the most of the room you have. And, while we enjoy learning and sharing about small-space living options, we still believe it is necessary to recognize the many (sometimes unnoticed) benefits of living in cramped quarters.

If you want to fall in love with your tiny room all over again, keep reading to find out why we think small spaces are the best spaces.

Small spaces are Cozy

You might think of the term “cozy” as a euphemism for “cramped” that sly realtors use, but living in small spaces has legitimate benefits when it comes to cozy-making.

When you don’t have a large amount of room to occupy and handle, it’s much easier to concentrate on keeping the world perfect. Small, cheap items of furniture, such as candles and throw pillows, can have a greater effect on your overall ambiance than they will in a larger room, making it super easy to achieve the exact vibe you like. It’s just a lot easier to shake things up when you’re ready for a change.

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Much more organized 

When you live in a small house, there is far less room for the miscellaneous “things” that has a habit of collecting in your space, even though you don’t like, need, or use them.

Items that are no longer important to you stand out further, making it possible to clear out clutter, get organized, and surround yourself with only things that are useful or valuable to you. When you aren’t always looking for what you need, day-to-day life and all of its related tasks become much more productive.

Less expensive to decorate 

It can cost thousands of pesos in furniture and accessories just to make a large room look cozy, relaxed, and welcoming.

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Smaller rooms, on the other hand, make decorating (and redecorating) much easier and less expensive. Instead of several big, costly pieces of furniture, you just need a handful to make your style pop. You’ll still have lots of money left over for extras including candles and new flowers.

Small Spaces gives Minimalism vibe

Minimalism is making a big splash in the interior design world, as more and more people are adopting this Scandinavian-inspired theme in an attempt to live more comfortably and relieve tension.

One of the best things about small homes is that they make it simple to follow this stress-free, joy-inducing theme. In reality, minimalism is almost a must for those who live in the smallest of rooms, such as a studio apartment, so if you’re one of them, you’re probably a minimalist master by now.

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Less difficult to clean

This is without a doubt one of our favorite advantages of living in a small space: it’s. Much. Easier. To. Clean.

The larger the room, the longer it takes to organize, tidy up, and deep clean it, and the more difficult it is to maintain it that way. Who wants to waste hours making a room look livable? We’re not like that. That is why adorable and comfortable spaces are ideal for those who find comfort and tranquillity while surrounded by order and cleanliness but don’t want to devote a lot of time and energy to maintain them.

Environment friendly

It is no secret that the costs of heating, cooling, and electricity can have a significant impact — both on our wallets and on the environment.

When comparing the utility bill of someone living in 500 square feet to that of someone living in 3,000 square feet, the disparity may be dramatic, with the latter always paying five, six, or even ten times higher. Living in cramped quarters means a significant decrease in monthly spending, as well as the effect of your house on our precious Mother Nature.

Easier to Customize

Have you ever entered a huge house that felt more like a museum than the home of someone you love and care about? It doesn’t have the most familiar or friendly vibes.

If you’re anything like us, you want your room to reflect your personality and personal design sensibilities. Small rooms, with their minimal surface and wall real estate, make things much easier to do.

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