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Summer is nearly over, and the rainy season is here. This change in weather does not excite most of us. The dry season and fun outdoor activities will be a thing of the past. For the next five months, it’ll be cloudy days, chilly evenings, lethargic interior moments, and soggy pavements. Flooding, traffic bottlenecks, and health issues are all possible outcomes of the rainy season in the worst-case scenario. It might just be a leaking roof for some people.

However, the rainy season does not have to be dreary, monotonous, or depressing. A wet day has its own set of benefits. It allows us to unwind, slow down, and reflect on our lives, careers, and families. On the plus side, it’s a fun time to refurbish and repaint our homes.


Painting houses on rainy days is a contentious issue for some. There are a couple of reasons why this is a bad idea. For starters, moisture and temperature have an impact on paint quality. While painting season is not necessarily associated with sunny days, the moisture and temperature fluctuations that occur during rainy days may have an impact on the paint’s performance. Because of the moisture, paint cannot adhere correctly when applied to moist or wet surfaces. Air and water would then leak in, causing the paint to peel and break.

This, however, should not deter you from painting your home during the rainy season. In truth, there is no set season for painting. Even though it’s always raining outside, you may still paint your house with proper preparation and consideration.

Colors suitable for the rainy season

When you’ve decided to paint your house, the next step is to decide on a color. Here are some color suggestions that will help your family create a warm and inviting environment:

Yellow is a cheerful color that stands out against the dark and gloomy weather outside. It has a warm and welcoming ambiance and is ideal for painting the interior walls of your living room, dining room, and hallways. Spaces with few windows or natural light may benefit from the warm effect of this color. If painting the room yellow is too much for your melancholic personality, add yellow accents such as throw pillows, chairs, side tables, or sofa.

Blue This color is reminiscent of the sparkling ocean in the summer and is ideal for brightening up your living room or other areas with high ceilings. It’s a trendy color that goes well with a variety of other hues. You can use turquoise to paint your walls or simply add turquoise decorations or furniture pieces, such as pillows, vases, or chairs.

Green is typically associated with nature and promotes balance and harmony in the home. It is a cool color that can be used in almost any room. Green is especially suitable for large areas such as bedrooms and study rooms. This color promotes a soothing environment, which is ideal for sleeping and studying. Green accent walls can be painted, or green furniture, rugs, accessories, and paintings can be added. You could also use green curtains or bedding.

There are other colors you could use to give your home a new look. Whatever color you choose, the idea is to use a bright shade that contrasts with the darker tones of a cloudy day. In addition to painting your walls, make sure to accessorize your interiors with furniture and other details that complement the color of the walls.

Reorganize your furniture

You can easily reorganize the furniture in your living room or bedroom by relocating chairs, sofas, or tables or adjusting their angles. You can also look around your home for art and accessories to use to decorate other rooms. The key is to choose a color scheme and color-coordinate your rooms to create a bright, cozy, and relaxing atmosphere.

Hang Up Tinkling Wind Chimes

There’s no better time than now to hang some wind chimes on your balcony. Hang lovely, tiny chimes directly in the path of the monsoon breeze to make the most of the season. The tinkling sounds of the bells are thought to help balance the energy in your home, according to feng shui specialists. The soothing melodies bring harmony to the listener’s senses.

Make your own chimes out of bamboo, wood, or metal as a do-it-yourself project.

Add Colorful Eye Candy

Give your home a jolt of quick brightness when the atmosphere is dark and dismal. Bring out all of the brightly colored pillows and throws. To match the vibrant theme, display your items in rainbow colors. Warm yellows, lush greens, and fiery reds are all great additions!

Change outdated fixtures

Replacing your outdated fixtures is one way to prepare your home for the rainy season. Replace outdated lighting and repair plumbing fixtures, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. You can also replace your cabinet pulls to make them easier to open.

Light Up Your Home

Overcast, cloudy sky can make your rooms feel dark and dingy. It’ll probably make you sad and depressed. Add some table lamps or floor-standing lamps to brighten up the space. Stained glass lamps produce a rainbow of colors. Such vibrant embellishments enchant the senses and offer a touch of magic to your interior design.

The rainy season is a time of year when the senses are pampered and the soul is rejuvenated. This monsoon season, let your house decor mirror nature’s artistry.

CSPACE’s professionals can assist you in capturing your ideas and bringing them to life in your home design.

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