Make your Studio Apartments more Spacious

It is commonly believed that bigger is better. Many individuals are discovering, however, that this isn’t necessarily the case in the age of increasing mortgage payments and environmental impacts. As a result, many individuals are choosing to live on a smaller scale, discovering that having less room also means having less hassles. However, just because there are fewer difficulties does not imply they are completely gone. While a studio apartment may have a lesser carbon impact, it’s a difficult order to make such a small room seem open and inviting. It is, however, impossible to make a studio appear larger than it is. It’s easier than you would think with the appropriate attitude and a little inspiration. Here are five inspiring studio apartments that make the most of every inch, as well as ideas on how to get it done, to ensure that you have both when you start out to handle your own little area. ​


1. Using furniture to divide the space


The quickest method to rapidly transform a studio into a house is to split it into separate rooms. Despite the fact that this home is barely 400 square feet, the arrangement of essential furniture items and the way those placements create various zones inside the room make it seem welcome and livable. It’s almost as though the back of the sofa in this apartment reaches the ceiling, dividing the living area from the bedroom. The addition of a rug that just touches the sofa’s edge enhances the illusion even further.

Another option for space separation, depending on the shape of your studio, is to place a wider console table along the back of the sofa. When you add some stools that slide below the table, you have a dining room table that takes up very little space.


2. Building Barriers


Some tenants are fortunate enough to come upon a studio with an alcove. That’s fantastic since it immediately creates a new “room.” All this owner needed to do was place a larger bookcase at the end of the bed to create a fully different room. Larger pieces like these may be really useful if you have the room because they give not only defined and personal places but also additional storage.

If you have an alcove but don’t have the extra space for a large piece of furniture, consider hanging curtains or installing a screen. Keep them drawn back most of the time to preserve an open concept living room, and draw them shut or take out the screen when you want more comfort. Your bedroom privacy screen might become the show-stopper of your living room if you choose the proper color and design.


3. Using Color to Bring the Room Together


Another technique to help stretch your space is to choose a color scheme for the entire studio. Because every item of furniture and accessory in this 550-square-foot apartment is in the same color family, it feels considerably larger. The area seems united and personal by wrapping the ocean blue accent wall around the bed in the alcove and keeping all accessories within the grey range.

The use of symmetrical photo groups is also really ingenious. The mirrored dresser and hanging mirror define and open the rooms, while the uniformity of the artwork draws the eye down the entire wall. Everything is in sync and flows smoothly.


4. Taking Steps Forward


Think vertically when it comes to optimizing space, especially if you have vaulted ceilings. This 385-square-foot studio seems spacious and breezy thanks to the addition of a loft for the bedroom. While this area is enough for cuddling up after a long day, there are alternate configurations that might provide even more. And, best of all, this loft assigns each room for its own function, freeing up the whole floor for “living” space.

Of course, finding a studio with a loft already built in is great. If that isn’t a possibility, making one to match your area is doable, even if you aren’t a skilled carpenter. While you should always acquire your landlord’s permission first, the project will almost certainly increase the worth of your property in the end.


5. Ingenious Planning


When you don’t have a lot of room in your house, it’s obvious that you need to keep things simple. Even the necessities, though, must be kept under check at a studio. Innovative storage solutions are essential for saving space, and although some may be purchased, others must be constructed. The owners have freed up the whole floor area in this home by designing the full length of the home to work as storage shelving—and by adding built-in stairs to the loft to save even more room. The shelves serve as exhibits for collections of books and accessories that serve as customized art pieces, while also serving as a stairway up to the loft bedroom.


Decorative baskets are the ideal method to mix use and elegant design when it comes to storing all of your smaller belongings. From woven or canvas to leather and metal, you’ll be able to discover the right complement for your house while staying true to your theme.



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