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In the face of a global coronavirus outbreak, remaining at home and keeping social isolation has been crucial to minimizing the disease’s dissemination. Maintaining a good outlook within the walls of your house, on the other hand, can be challenging. 

Many of us feel overwhelmed and depressed in our houses, and how interior design plays a role in this. Improving the interior design of your home will thus serve as a motivator for self-isolation.

Here are some interior design tips to make your home look more happier place to relax:

Maximize the light to have a happier ambiance


Anyone would be depressed if they live in a dreary, dark setting. Hang mirrors next to windows to help bounce light across the room and allow most of the natural light that reaches your house.

Invest in plenty of eye-level lighting to leave your house looking warm in the evening. Lamps on the sideboards, and a salt light, will help you get through the month of January.

Touch up paint

All have excess paint from a past art job stashed away in their workshop or wardrobe. Using it to repaint a space or clean up some scuffed areas. If you don’t have enough paint to finish a whole room, paint an accent wall in another room with what you have.

Painting a room with your favorite color would make you happy. According to color psychology, though, certain colors will affect how we feel.

If you need a boost of satisfaction, a spray of yellow paint or even a yellow pillow will do the trick. Blush pink cushions or bedding, on the other hand, may feel more nurturing and uplifting.

Storage is essential; add some

That type of thing. It is the bane of any person’s life. If every room has junk stacked up in the corner, it’s practically difficult to live a relaxed happy life. If you have it all figured out, you’ll be able to build a serene room that’s pleasing to the eye without having to give up all of your prized possessions. Hidden cupboards, sophisticated shelving, well-organized lofts, and well-planned kitchens mean that everything has a place and everything is in its place, reducing the tension dramatically.

Add some scented candles for a peaceful aroma

A cozy house is a comfortable home for many people. So, take a cue from the Danes and use candles to give a touch of Hygge to your house. Although the Danish are known to like unscented candles, we can’t get enough of a scented candle.

Citrus scents will instantly lift your spirits. Although a mixture of lavender and jasmine is suitable for calming.

Be a plantito or plantita by investing in houseplants

There is nothing wrong with the furniture. Lampshades are amazing. Cushions can be very attractive. However, any home requires something that grows to give it life. We’re not worried about a dusty spider plant that you can forget. It’s possible to do it with new flowers. Alternatively, a banana palm. You can also fake it if you don’t have a green thumb, but anything organic can still help a room feel a bit more alive, and actual plants, without going too technical on you, purify the air.

Have a squishy sofa

This isn’t a doctor’s waiting room; it’s your house. So forget about all the high-end, angular seating. Although it can seem swanky in the showroom, homes are for relaxing, putting your feet up, and recharging your battery. At the end of a long day, a wet, squishy number simply cuddles you. If you’re not a red wine drinker or susceptible to klutziness, go for white or milk, just forget about the squish aspect, and a relaxed night with your feet up will rapidly turn into a stressful day at the office.

Make your bed a haven

Not having enough sleep is the hardest thing that can happen during a time of self-isolation. In addition to making everyday life monotonous, a lack of sleep will make someone irritable and grumpy. As a result, it is important that you invest in high-quality mattresses, luxury bed linens, and a cozy bed to ensure a restful night’s sleep. When you’ve had ample sleep, mornings are the best.

Have a statement piece in the focal point of your home

Whether it’s a huge work of art, a massive vase, a clever holiday discovery, or a luxury chair you’ve been waiting for, one genius piece would stand out. Statement pieces are excellent dialogue starters, they bring personality to a room, and they act as the room’s focal point.

Something that will make you happy


We understand that your fantasy is to live somewhere that will be in a glossy magazine. Every cushion is symmetrically arranged, every piece of furniture is cleverly sourced, and the whole scheme creates a stunning picture. But, let’s face it, who wants to live that way? It’s the eccentric, random specifics that offer a room its true identity. If you add anything special to the mix, you’ll have a warm and inviting home. Simply write the words “happy return” and you’ll be on your way.

Make space for sentimental things

Isn’t this your house? You still have a family. That means they bring their schoolwork home with them. You have pictures of fun trips on your computer. You had a fantastic wedding that you can never forget. Your child is a natural photographer. You’ve had a lifetime love of kitsch or a ceramics set that you don’t want to give up. That, my friends, is what gives your house its soul!

Make all those small reminders of the things you love a design element. Build a photo gallery on a corkboard or a table dedicated to your favorite trinkets. Trust us when we say they’ll immediately make your home feel more special.

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