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One of the most private areas of your house is your bedroom. It’s when you unwind and refresh, so there’s no justification it shouldn’t be the center of your focus. Although, before you go out and buy something new for your bedroom, take a look at these handy hints for making your space as comfortable as possible. Here are ten ways to bring a bit of luxury to your bedroom that won’t cost you a fortune (or cost you more in time than an afternoon).

Cut the Clutter

This isn’t an accessory or an item, but it is the most important step to take if you want a beautiful bed. On Pinterest, you don’t see beautiful bedrooms that are shambles, do you? No matter how much you spend on furniture, a dusty or cluttered room will never look expensive—or even desirable. So get rid of the junk. A room that seems to be luxurious has only that—space. Remove something that isn’t important, cherished, or beautiful. Pay special attention to the condition of the floors. Unused sports devices, shelves of unread books, and folded laundry do not belong in expensive quarters.

Acquire proper storage

Having enough storage is another way to increase your room. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on drawers or cabinets. You may wanna cover them with wall stickers purchased online. Any plastic storage furniture, on the other hand, is also attractive!

Go Green

In the expensive bedroom, a couple of touches of green are a must. Plants and cut flowers, not money. Get the most beautiful vase out of the cupboard. In a ceramic or metal tub, pot a lush green tomato. Try a fern if you’ve got a green thumb. If not, simple houseplants like Chinese evergreen, pothos, and dracaena will not die. Place your plant on your nightstand. It will not only enhance the appearance of your bedroom, but it will also assist with air purification. What an incredible win-win situation.

Proper Lighting

If you want a luxurious-looking bedroom? Then, instead of the inexpensive ceiling fixture, go for a chic hanging lamp. Your lighting options include a small chandelier, pendant, or drum-shaded lamp. Only make sure the light is proportionate to the rest of your room and complements the rest of your furnishings. For a good-looking fixture, you’ll actually need to pay at least 4,000 php, but it’ll be money well invested.

Choose a Blanket Statement

At the foot of your bunk, a thick, comfortable throw blanket instantly adds elegance. Forget about the inexpensive microfleece blanket—perfect for cuddling on the sofa while watching TV, but it won’t make your bed look luxurious. Choose a throw blanket made of soft wool, velour, silk, lace, or even faux fur instead. Stick to a solid colour, an animal print, or a subtle style instead of going nuts with pattern. Your bedroom now looks good, and your toes are toasty at night.

Add Statement Piece

A statement piece that says, “Yes, this room belongs to someone extraordinary” will add impact to your bedroom. A big piece of artwork on your headboard, a fine collectible on your dresser, an antique quilt on your wall, or an area rug that doesn’t lose its style when you lie down could all be examples. Whatever you pick, make sure it represents your personal taste and style, is big enough to be seen right away as you walk into the room, and is truly exceptional. Again, you don’t have to pay a lot of money—look for bargains in your local stores or make your own artwork.

Rethink your nightstand

Lampshades that are dull don’t seem to be costly. Lampshades that are old, fading, scratched, or fraying do not seem to be costly. Why not grant your bedside lamp an upgrade? It’s easy to find brand-new, attractive, and fascinating lampshades at low prices. Look for a rich-hued shade, one with a flattering pattern, or one with shiny highlights for a bit of opulence. Keep the look classic—faux flower rimmed lampshades, pompoms, and decoupage are nice in the right room, but they don’t fit in an extravagant bedroom.

Keep the floor empty

Although this is more of an organization and cleanliness tip, don’t let that fool you: Keep the floor clean and orderly—no stacks of books or piles of extension cords, for example—because a cluttered bedroom never looks luxurious.

Raise the Curtains

Bedrooms that are small and boxy rarely seem to be costly. If this is the case, raise the curtains to provide the illusion of more room. When the curtain rod is positioned just an inch or two below the ceiling line and the drapes are draped to the floor, the whole room becomes not just larger, but much more graceful.

Change the Furnitures

If your bedroom furniture hasn’t been updated in a decade (or more) or doesn’t look particularly expensive, you have two options: purchase new furniture (the more expensive option) or upgrade what you already have (the not-expensive option). And adding new hardware to your furniture is one of the simplest ways to make it look “expensive” without costing a lot of money. Replace your dated, hideous, or simple drawer pulls and knobs with sleek, modern styles. Look for eye-catching glass or metal hardware that isn’t gaudy. And that’s what there is to it! Your furniture has received a makeover, your apartment has been a touch more luxurious, and your wallet has not been harmed in the slightest.

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