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When it comes to house renovations, the kitchen is one of the largest and most essential areas you can work on.

The kitchen has always been and continues to be, the heart of the house for many people – it’s a place for private discussions, laughing over a few glasses of wine or a cup of coffee, schoolwork, or a place for the family to gather together at the end of a hard day.

Table Seat

Last year, we all spent more time at home, which led individuals to reconsider how they utilize their kitchen and dining areas. People want to spend more time with their family and friends, therefore I believe we will see longer tables and more seats on kitchen benches.

Warm and inviting

People are striving to infuse warmth, comfort, and individuality into their kitchens, which are becoming increasingly barren and clinical. Orange, mustard, and plum are all on-trend in 2021, or for a more subtle approach, pairing a rose-colored marble countertop with timber cabinets or flooring is a great way to mix masculine and feminine accents in equal and lovely proportion.


Both reeding and fluting are ornamental carvings that are making a comeback in our homes, particularly on kitchen cabinets and islands – it’s a great way to give texture and dimension to a room.

Hygiene and cleanliness

COVID-19 has, predictably, made us all much more conscientious about cleaning and hygiene. I believe that tapware with touchless technology sensors will become increasingly popular. If you forget to turn it off, Kohler’s touchless kitchen tap activates in 20 milliseconds and switches off automatically after four minutes of inactivity. Copper and its alloys, especially brass, have inherent antibacterial qualities, making them a fantastic choice for the kitchen, and they also look great!

If you’re thinking of renovating your kitchen in 2021, here are some pointers:

Make a list of who will use the kitchen and how they will use it – this is an important first step since it will impact your design choices and your budget. If you have a bread maker or a gorgeous coffee machine, for example, make sure you include adequate bench space for both your equipment and food preparation when laying out your kitchen. The value of having a good lighting strategy cannot be overstated!

Set a budget and stick to it — it’s tempting to get carried away with gorgeous tiling and high-end equipment, but it’s no use having a beautiful kitchen if you have to eat baked beans to pay for it.

Consider the location and style of your home when designing – creating a true feeling of the place is crucial in interior design, especially in the kitchen. A beach house kitchen will be considerably different from a kitchen in an inner-city apartment or a country farm.

While it is good to look at current trends and designs for inspiration, at the end of the day, only you and the people who will be using the kitchen know what will work. If in doubt, get assistance from an interior design professional. They can assist you in determining what is most essential in your kitchen design, as well as give recommendations for appliances, fixtures, and fittings that are appropriate for your needs and budget.

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