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With new lifestyle trends and community amenities relating to the joys of agricultural bliss, it doesn’t come as a surprise that we’ve seen an increase in the client’s requests for the industrial theme during the past few seasons – and with good purpose. Industrial interior design style decoration blends streamlined modernity and old-world elegance with an authentic, vibrant feel to produce a perfect play of contrasts. But what does the industrial style of interior design mean? And when it comes to building modern-style houses, you should know where you should get advice, that’s why realtors and interior designers go hand in hand together to give you the big picture and how will you make the interior design and place work for you without it coming off as a strong handmade theme.

When people seem to think of the industrial style, they frequently equate it with lofts with oversized black metal windows, raw unfinished timber, and exposed bricks. Although, on the contrary, these design styles are not only appropriate to urban settings. So what makes the industrial style of interior design so feasible for today, and how can you confidently pull it off? 

What does industrial interior design mean?

Industrial style refers to a frill-free, non-nonsense decoration influenced by the lofty look of warehouses, factories, and other industrial structures. Modern architecture decoration consists of stripped-down architectural features, including the use of bare bricks, metals, and timber, as well as reclaimed and recycled materials. Industrial furnishings are typically hardwearing and mostly crafted from renovated yards. The greatest advantage of designing industrial-style homes is that you will have the ability to customize the look using furniture and accessories that are totally exclusive to your house.

industrial interior design
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Key Characteristics of Industrial Interior Design

  1. Materiality exposure

If you’re trying to go for an industrial design look, you won’t be shy to show the materials. This style appears to celebrate materiality rather than disguise it. The skeleton of the house, the steel or wooden beams, or even the unfinished walls, all serve as a piece of art in your room.

Metals such as stainless steel, iron, aluminum, and copper may be used. Other materials include glass, concrete, and bricks Unfinished or reprocessed timber.

  1. Neutral Color Palette

In an industrial style, as a modern style, leave the colors neutral. You’re mainly concerned with shades of gray, brown, black, and white. If you choose to be daring in any room, then brick red, burnt orange, and dark green will be a fine choice. It’s safer, though, not to use them all together. Only use one color for the accent.

  1. Bare windows

A special detail in this theme is the use of a traditional modern naked window without any shadow. The metal frame makes the window pop. If you need to use the window cover, go with a plain roller shade.

  1. Furniture

Industrial design furniture is primarily large-scale, low-profile, with straight and simple lines. Most notably, it’s rid of trends. Like the western style, the celebration of materiality is often seen in the furniture. It may contain industrial tubing and metal frames in parts such as side tables and bookcases. A large wooden chunk may be another choice for a coffee table.

  1.  Flooring

The flooring materials used in this style are polished concrete, stone, and wood. It is not preferable to use some modern-style rugs. You can, however, go for a tiny neutral-colored carpet to give your floors a warm feeling.

  1.  Lighting

The simple light bulb is the most influential feature of lighting in this style. Using the Edison-type light bulb in particular. The definition of exposure also extends to light fixtures. It’s through the unique detail of an open size cage that reveals the bulb’s cool appearance. In addition, always strive to have floor lamps, table lamps, and pendants. You may install a studio floor lamp or a collection of hanging bulbs.

Why you’ll love Industrial Interior Design?

  • The industrial interior layout is pleasantly versatile. Consisting mainly of neutral colors and fabrics that concentrate on distinctive textures, this fashion style is easy to pull off with lighting, decoration, and furniture.
  • Despite its simplicity and minimal design tropes, the modern style continues to make a bold declaration.
  • It is an eco-conscious approach to interior design as it promotes the use of recycled or recycled materials.
  • There is no need for beauty techniques when it comes to mastering industrial interior design, as the focus is placed on the use of raw, bare finishes and materials.

Tips for having a perfect Industrial Interior Design

Start with a neutral color palette. One of the aspects you’ll find about industrial-style homes is that bold hues are reserved for small specifics, while most of the spaces radiate soft tones. The style relies mostly on neutral color schemes to create a sleek and minimalist, harmonious look. For an industrial style bathroom, exposed brick and white tiles render an essential mix finished with black metal framed glass elements.

Combine the wood with the alloy. A no-brainer in pulling off an industrial style is combining traditional and new fabrics. The easiest way to create this comparison is to mix various forms of metal and wood in your final design. For eg, you can have an antique wooden vanity and a steel-framed mirror in an industrial-style bathroom.

Make sure that the lighting is on the theme. Many industrial-style lighting is made of metal and mostly consists of a mixture of pendants and lamps. They should be low hanging or big shades by using pendants.

Highlight the uncovered tubing. One of the hallmarks of an industrial-style living room is the inclusion of elements that most people prefer to hide, such as ducts and drains. Usually, this look is typical in converted warehouse apartments.

Requires industrial accessories. The trick to an industrial look is to make it sound like you’re inside a sexy factory world. The easiest way to do this is to use accessories. Decorate with reclaimed industrial bits and equipment along with old photos and heavy-duty leather finds.

industrial interior design
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When it comes to building your own space, the sky is the limit to what you can try and play with. And that’s what makes the entire thing fun. What matters most is to construct a room that represents your own spirit.

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