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The sharp, rough lines of industrial style are combined with a cozy and friendly country feel. Imagine a modern loft apartment in a large metropolis with a traditional industrial style. And will be based on the idea of living in a factory or warehouse environment. The style would be harsh and unwelcoming if there were no gentler components to balance it out. Instead, the contrast between the country and the city is the focus of industrial farmhouse design. And the results are both distinct and entertaining! Take a look at the farmhouse style’s most important components.

How to start with Industrial Farmhouse Style

Many of the features of industrial design can be seen in today’s industrial farmhouse furniture. This may be used to create a cozy yet ruggedly contemporary space.

Dark woods and black metal accents are popular, while industrial furniture favors darker textiles or leather. Throw pillows may be used to provide warm color tones. Tans, beige, and gray tones may give tenderness to industrial décor, helping to counteract and balance the coldness.

Metal Accents

Metal elements, especially black steel or iron, are a must-have for industrial style. You could see exposed pipes and plumbing, as well as other unfinished features, if you reside in a converted loft in the city. Metal chairs at your kitchen or dining room table, or a pair of metal bookshelves to showcase your décor, will add to your rural flair. Install an open vanity in the bathroom so that guests can view the plumbing under the sink, and black window casing.

Victorian Vintage

The Industrial Revolution took place during the Victorian era. Many current versions (think steampunk) combine Victorian elements into an industrial environment. This is a wonderful perspective to utilize with industrial farmhouse design if you enjoy antique décor.

Display a collection of old photographs within your metal bookshelf. You can also place a velvet sofa against the backdrop of exposed brick. Use damask and other Victorian-era textile designs, and if you have a wide-open area in your living room.

Rough Materials and Finishes

The industrial design emphasizes the harsh practicality of a factory in a domestic environment. From exposed brick to black metal finishes and concrete floors. When you combine these components with the farmhouse’s warm, warm feel, you have a place that’s one-of-a-kind in its juxtaposition. Combine concrete flooring with a plush sheepskin rug, or add loads of texture to a leather sofa with throw pillows.


It is not possible to overestimate the importance of lighting in industrial design. Industrial lighting is ideal since it comes with vintage-style light bulbs, rough metal finishes, and exposed wiring. If you want to bring a farmhouse flair to an industrial area, try adding vintage-type lighting, such as a crystal chandelier.

What are the Different Farmhouse Styles?

Modern Farmhouse style has grown with numerous hybrid forms as designers come up with unique variants by merging farmhouse style with other popular designs.

To obtain the greatest results with your current architecture, you will likely choose one of these or develop your own hybrid farmhouse design.

To best fit your home and personal taste, consider some of these popular farmhouse styles:

Boho Farmhouse

Bohemian-style interiors are often textured, warm and welcoming. The decoration of this kind is characterized by its wide variety of colors from bright orange to muted pinks and blues. Natural materials like sisal, bamboo, and cotton also provide a rustic and genuine feel to this style. Consider baskets, macrame wall hangings, wood and upholstered furniture, sisal rugs, Persian carpets, and various types of planters. If you’re a minimalist, you can go in that direction for a more chic look, or if you’re a maximalist, you can go to the other extreme. The Boho Farmhouse is a style of decoration that is widely utilized.

Coastal Farmhouse

Without going overboard, Coastal Farmhouse Decor is all about mixing and combining farmhouse and coastal items like ropes and anchors (bad pun intended). The accent colors tend to be light and navy blue since this style is linked with residences on the beach or near the ocean. Create a warm refuge within your house by being creative, having fun, and believing in your skills.

Modern Farmhouse

The general sense of Modern Farmhouse décor is one of comfort and relaxation. Contemporary design elements such as stainless steel appliances, granite or quartz countertops with sharp, simple lines; neutral color schemes, barn wood accents, plank wood floors, comfy upholstered furniture; and, of course, lots of natural elements such as cotton, wicker, sisal, and rattan are all common characteristics of the modern farmhouse decor style. In summary, if you want all of the charm, warmth, and comfort of an older-style country house with all of the efficiency and practicality of today’s contemporary architecture, the modern farmhouse is the way to go.

Rustic Farmhouse

Consider wood beams, reclaimed wood, recycled antiques, fireplaces, masonry, and warm earth hues if you prefer Rustic Farmhouse. Wood components are usually stained a deeper hue than their original hue and aged or damaged to some extent.

Scandinavian Farmhouse

With a very basic and basic design style, Scandinavian Farmhouse design aims to mix the beauty of old-fashioned barns and chalets with the convenience of modern life. You may opt for a really stylish look or a more comfortable look depending on the décor components you pick. The arrangement of photos and other unique things in your décor may assist to give a sense of surprise and excitement. Within hybrid styles, there are also hybrid styles. Minimalistic Scandinavian Farmhouse or Rustic Scandinavian Farmhouse are two options. How about a Scandinavian Farmhouse with a Boho feel? Yes, the options are limitless.

Traditional Farmhouse

The traditional farmhouse decor pays homage to historic farmhouse kitchens. Shaker cabinet doors, barn lighting fixtures, different metals, and apron type “farmhouse” sinks are all examples of features seen in today’s Traditional Farmhouse design. Traditional farmhouse style also includes a large wooden dining table, recycled antiques, and reclaimed wood components.

Industrial Farmhouse Decor on a Budget

You may begin by using wrought iron, farmhouse tables, antique doors, floating shelves, and other vintage-looking features such as old signs and posters. Look for shops that sell wrought iron and furniture with vintage-inspired patterns. There are several thrift stores that sell old metal pieces like wheels and handles that may be utilized to finish your custom-made industrial pieces..

Summary on Industrial Farmhouse

Consider numerous methods to mix old components with current design ideas while decorating a modern industrial farmhouse.

Don’t limit yourself; instead, broaden your horizons. Combine rustic wood with gleaming wrought iron or gleaming wood with weathered metal.

If your farmhouse has exposed brick walls, put old signage and old posters on the walls to pay respect to bygone times. A few natural accents, such as wooden wall shelves and ceramics, can be added.

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