How to Achieve a Clean Country Design

One of the most popular home decorating styles for a long time has been country decorating. Handmade objects, collections, and rustic appeal have all been part of this aesthetic in the past. While rural style will always evoke feelings of home and warmth, now is the moment to adapt it into the modern day. This design style is known as “Clean Country,” and here’s how to get it.


Clear it out.


Country design has a reputation for being “cluttered.” Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to rural decorating. So it’s time to go through everything and put away anything that doesn’t contribute to the general design plan. But don’t go too far; country is about family and home, so you don’t want to get rid of anything that’s personal. Make a storage box for ornamental things and change out preferred accessories as the seasons change.


Select a “simple” color palette.


Use a more modern color palette to freshen up your rural décor. Choose one hue and pair it with white or neutrals for a trendy style that isn’t antiquated and doesn’t throw the eye off. Use textures to provide interest and contrast to the space. Keep patterns to a minimum and attempt to add some of the new geometrics or a modern floral that is designed with only white and one color.

Choose your source of inspiration.


It’s similar to picking a theme when it comes to the clean country design appearance. Instead of the adorable rural motifs of the past, you’ve chosen a feeling-inducing inspiration. You can envision the room’s “feeling” merely by reading those descriptive phrases, and that’s what will guide and keep you on course.


Make a path for yourself


Adding a contemporary lighting fixture is one of the quickest methods to refresh an outdated decorative scheme. This goes well with “Clean Country” since the two complement each other nicely.


Create crucial elements.


Keep your inspiration in mind as you build focus points in your home. Stick to the primary concept while adding some intriguing characters because you’re presenting a narrative about your inspiration.


In the same manner, pick your materials and furniture items for the room. Even if the colors are correct, a glazed feminine calico fabric won’t offer you a clear design if your narrative is set in the southwest. It is preferable to keep things simple and to the point.


Accessorize rather than antagonize.


The “more is more” rural decorating style of the past is no longer relevant. Select a few outstanding pieces to exhibit at a time. Mix and combine different types to provide excitement and contrast while drawing attention to your prized things. If you have a collection or want to show off Grandmother’s quilt, do so. However, present it in a gallery-style setting and give each item equal weight. Use something for the sake of having something fill a space, not only for the sake of having anything fill a space. Treat your passions as though they were works of art.


Look for affordable antiques, such as postcards or antique cutlery, that may be utilized to build a distinctive wall collection. Natural elements should be used sparingly. Allow for some breathing room around your goods.




Above all, unwind and take pleasure in the creative process. There are no decorating rules that cannot be broken. Clean Country Decorating is a terrific method to give a treasured home decorating style from the past a modern makeover.


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