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For certain of us, the term “neutral” might be associated with “boring,” but that doesn’t have to be that way. Soft, earth-toned color make every room feel welcoming and cozy, as choosing a color of paint influenced by nature will add immediate coziness to a room. Selecting shades reflective of the outdoors allows for a relaxing home, from deep reds and tans to enticing cool grays and neutral colors.

earth color palette living room interior design

It can be challenging to choose a neutral, earthy paint color. Having said that, with beige paint that has gray undertones, you can’t go wrong. It’s a perfect backdrop for a happy room, shows cool lavender highlights that punch up and compliment the tranquil backdrop.

Well, for some, the very first earth-toned color to come to mind could be warm hues, but don’t forget cool undertones either. The gray walls have a blue hue that is beautifully balanced off the slate living room table. This can also complement rich wood floors because of their calming brown color.

You can also have a rustic earthy theme living room. With burned orange paint, it offers a room a nice cozy mood and shines against onyx, beige, and terracotta accents, making your room elegant and cozy.

Earth colors were some of the most rewarding color classes to deal in since they come together very harmoniously. Since these colors are found in nature, they simply match your home.  Coupled with other neutrals, such as black, white, or green, they are effortlessly cozy and sophisticated. All the shades of nature make equally good companions.

And because we mentioned, home: we can simply say that home is anywhere because of this earth color scheme. You are inspired to plop down with a book or settle in for a nap by the rich, dark shades of the color.

Earth colors are so flexible that they complement a wide variety of colors. Paired with vivid primary colors, they have the power to ground the pattern. Look at neons or pastels for a contrasting and unexpectedly flexible earth scheme. In these palettes, earth colors serve as neutral tones, while at the same time refreshing and warming the opposing hue.

Earth tones bringing memories of the natural environment, making them a great match for your house and make it an elegant and cozy place to rest and to be relaxed.

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