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Hamptons interior design is a popular home décor style that combines the best of traditional and rustic elements. No matter how far you live from the sea, you can have the same bright, breezy, and natural look and feel in your house. We came up with some interior design ideas to help you make your home feel like a beach cottage all year.

What is Hamptons Interior Design, and how does it differ from other types of design?

Interiors in the Hamptons are typically airy, bright, and whitewashed, with a classy yet beachy ambiance that seems effortless and peaceful.

“Interiors in the Hamptons are an American take on the French interior design styles of Baroque, Rococo, and Empire. Because of the simplicity of the design and patterns imitated, Krystal Sagona chose Empire.

According to Lydia Maskiell, “Hamptons interior design interiors are usually roomy with generous proportions, holiday home-like, and nautical-inspired.” “In general, these houses make entertaining a breeze.”

What colors are associated with the Hamptons interior design?

Colors used in Hamptons interiors include whites, neutrals, yellow, and green. Lydia suggests layering several shades of blue, from navy to baby blue, or mixing warm neutrals with coastal blues.

“Hamptons is defined by grey tones of color like duck egg blue and mint green,” Krystal explains. “The classic look is cream with black accents, or all black with bronze and white accents, mixed with natural materials for warmth, such as actual inlaid stone flooring and black timber,” says the designer.

Make your home feel like a trendy Hamptons interior design beach resort with these tips.

1. Design Style of the Hamptons interior design Living Room

Mirroring the surroundings of the sunny oceanside view peeping inside your summer home is at the heart of Hamptons interior design. What better spot to display your oak-stained side tables or beechwood coffee tables?

The relaxing, serene atmosphere of a Hamptons beach house may be found in the living area. Light, neutral-colored cotton should be used to replace your sofa or cushion covers. The elegant, summer estate atmosphere will be achieved by using classic nautical stripes and colors such as navy.

2. Hamptons Bedroom Décor

Make your bedroom as beautiful and comfy as possible because it is where you spend the majority of your time at home. Replace your bedding with a white cotton down comforter and lots of cushions. Linen is also an excellent choice for a seaside cottage.

Decorating the space with beach-themed decorations such as coral, buoys, anchors, or even a captain’s wheel helps to connect the beach motif together.

3. Kitchen Design in the Hamptons

Use white marble on the countertop instead of other stones like granite to give the heart of your home, the kitchen, and a sophisticated beach house feel. Keep a supply of fresh lemons and coarse sea salt on hand for spontaneous lobster bakes!

4. Dining Room in the Hamptons

A beautiful yet minimalist dining area is the focal point of a Hamptons interior beach house. Choose an old table with a white finish and add driftwood for a worn look. Keep it light and airy, and don’t go overboard with the décor.

5. Bathroom Design in the Hamptons

The bathroom is an integral aspect of any Hamptons beach house’s design. Incorporate classic blue and mosaic tiles to give it a seaside vibe. After a day of sunbathing on the beach, you may unwind with soothing candles and luxury bath items.

Colors have a vital role in the design. The summer Hamptons interior design home is all about simplicity, with flashes of cool color and a dash of lively, warm tones thrown in for good measure. With sharp whites and splashes of color like Tiffany blue, keeping the room streamlined and simple is essential.

9. Patio & Outdoor Design in the Hamptons decor

Don’t worry if your patio doesn’t have a view of the sea; you can still transform it into a relaxing spot with a drink in your hand. Your deck will feel like the perfect spot to relax with some trendy patio furniture, strategically placed potted plants, and a well-curated outdoor bar cart. Make sure you have plenty of room to entertain!

Replace dark mulch with smooth white stones that look like beach sand outside. Lush green plants are a trendy alternative to brightly colored flowers, and they will give your area a clean, minimalist feel. For the ultimate Hamptons interior design aesthetic, make sure everything is clean, trimmed, and nice.

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