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Farmhouse interior design is characterized by practicality and ease of use, with readily available materials and colors. The simplest material to come by was timber, which is why there is so much focus on wood components. Another important consideration is that nothing would be completely in sync. The farmhouse is unlike industrial architecture, which is precise in matching the features of space in a minimalistic manner. The farmhouse interior theme is enriched by knickknacks, antiques, or matching a vintage chair with a modern sofa. The value lies in the versatility, with a splash of personality and history tossed in for good measure. If you enjoy nature or really want to feel like you’re in a farmhouse, these interior design tips are for you.

Characteristics of Farmhouse Interior Design

When it comes to the features of farmhouse style, simplicity dominates. It’s simple to add or exclude elements as you see fit. Combine antique finds and inherited pieces with newer elements to create a unique look. It’s not a calculated style, nor is it one that necessitates extensive preparation. In that way, the farmhouse is special in that it is strongly focused on what you have and like. “The paint scheme of the farmhouse style contains a lot of gray or ‘greige’ shades, whites, and blacks,” according to Kayla Hein of Modern Castle. Yellow, brown, red, and green are examples of accent colors that are usually used outdoors.

Basics For Small Space Farmhouse Style

Maintain a neutral tone.

When it comes to walls and doors, shades of white or off-white, as well as more neutral colors, are ideal. For walls, lighter shades of blue, taupe, beige (greige), or cream are ideal. These neutral colors not only complement farmhouse decor but also make narrow spaces seem bigger! Darker colors absorb light and seem to attract you in, while lighter colors reflect light and allow walls to visually recede, giving the impression of a wider room! In a tiny flat, that’s huge support! It’s also a perfect place to begin when it comes to decorating your own tiny room.

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For farmhouse decorating, any wood or wood-look floor is ideal. We were lucky in that we were able to locate a spot with laminate wood flooring. The ivory-colored area rug we found for the living room keeps things light and airy, and its abstract style provides a touch of industrial styling that works well in this urban environment. In a farmhouse bed, a natural jute braided rug adds fascinating texture and looks amazing. Carpeting or tile, on the other hand, is perfectly acceptable – particularly if the walls are painted in a neutral color.

Light it up.

farmhouse chandelier

Why not install this one-of-a-kind lighting fixture to your antique farmhouse or rustic cottage?

Every item in a small space is significant, and it should ideally add both style and functionality. Lighting is no exception; in truth, it may be one of the most critical facets of a farmhouse space! Not only does the right lighting properly illuminate the space, but it can also help to set the mood and style of the room.

In a farmhouse-style home, there are several lighting options to choose from. A classic wood-turned chandelier or a metal pendant light might be your preference. Whatever your choice, make sure your lighting serves as both a source of illumination and a decorative element in your house!

A Subtle Touch.

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Keep it easy by using neutral colors and solids or open designs on the largest furniture pieces. Too many bold patterns and colors will easily clutter a small room, so keep it simple. Pillow covers, curtains, and other fabric decorations may still be used to add texture and pattern.

Another advantage of using soft, neutral colors on most larger pieces is that it helps to free up a small space. In this living room/dining room combination, the majority of the big furniture sets are beige or off-white. This helps to give the impression that the room is bigger than it really is, as well as keeping the space feeling spacious and airy. Using dark or light colors on the sofa and other furniture may have physically broken up this room and made it feel cramped easily.

To be specific, neutral does not indicate that all is white or of the same tone. The word “neutral” basically refers to how much it combines with other tones and colors of a similar hue. Soft blue or green tones can be almost as effective as taupe or gray shades. To make it exciting and distinctly, use slight hue contrasts, diverse textures, and the odd pop of color!

Furniture with Function.

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When it comes to playing double duty… In every tiny room, it’s critical that most home decor items are both practical and appealing. The big storage ottoman in front of the sofa takes up the majority of the room. Not only is it big enough for two or three people to sit on it, but there’s still space for a tray to carry glasses and snacks on top. It even has plenty of interior storage space for spare covers, throws, and even table linens.

Rustic finishes.

Rustic finishes will always be your mates, whether you opt for a traditional farmhouse or a modern farmhouse theme. Distressed finishes, from weathered wood to exposed brickwork, instantly bring charm to every surface. Furthermore, their slightly rugged texture gives off an easygoing vibe that is characteristic of any well-designed farmhouse interior. For eg, a brick wall (or even a practical brick-like wallpaper if you can’t change your walls much) would immediately give the room a rustic feel. Exposed rustic wood beams are another modern farmhouse favorite that will instantly add character to every space.

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But we’re not just concerned about floors, walls, and ceilings when we say rustic finishes! So, if you don’t live in an old mansion in the countryside, don’t be afraid! Rustic accents can be used in any room of the house. Even if you start with a modern white canvas, they can really help you replicate a farmhouse vibe (like the majority of rented condos). A thick butcher block, for example, is the ideal distressed wood feature for the kitchen, as it will withstand hours of cooking while adding charm to the room. Consider adding rustic wood shelves and cabinets to your simple white walls; you’ll be amazed by how much of an effect they’ll have!


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Metals are another important component of a farmhouse theme, and even with metals, a laid-back attitude is essential. So don’t be afraid to combine metals, such as gold, black, and silver, in the same place! Brushed finishes, in general, look best with this design because they blend in better with the other distressed elements. Above everything, any farmhouse interior architecture must have gunmetal grey metals. This is due to their rustic appearance, although it is not limited to that. The dark color adds charm and contrast to the gallery, making it a good option for modern farmhouse interiors. Sprinkle some galvanized steel here and there for an extra rustic touch, whether you’re looking for a traditional or contemporary farmhouse theme.

Play with textures.

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The use of a variety of textures is undoubtedly one of the most common farmhouses decorating ideas. We’ve already seen how rustic finishes will give a room personality. Furniture, textiles, and shoes are all in the same boat! As a result, use furniture with distressed textures, even though they have scratches and knots. Then use textiles to add even more texture! A combination of rich fabrics, from natural fiber rugs to knitted blankets and faux-fur pillows, will add dimension and help you create an effortlessly chic look in your home. Mixing textures isn’t always simple, but it’s not impossible in a farmhouse setting. Even if the shoes and textiles have different fabrics, if you adhere to a neutral color scheme, the fact that the hues are identical would be enough to bind them together.


farmhouse interior

Adding greenery to your home is always a good idea; it breathes life into the room and instantly makes it feel more curated. Personal preferences are crucial when selecting greenery, and plants fit well in all homes and spaces, regardless of design. If we were to choose only one kind of greenery for a farmhouse theme, loose branches will be it. Branch decorations, ranging from cotton buds to eucalyptus (best displayed in an antique jar), will add a special blend of rustic and natural to space. Similarly, you can use your branches to make wreaths and garlands, which are common in farmhouse decor.

Reuse & repurpose.

What better way to give the room a rustic feel than with something vintage? A farmhouse interior design remodel is, in reality, the ideal excuse to visit flea markets and antique shops. There, you’ll find original antique items that will bring a whole new degree of value to your interior, even more than new distressed pieces. So go to the favorite flea market and browse about! When you’re browsing the stalls, remember that you can still repurpose your secondhand items for new purposes! In a traditional or contemporary farmhouse home, for example, old window shutters may be used in a variety of ways.

When hanging on the wall or placed on the fireplace mantel, they will transform into a stunning work of art. Alternatively, they may be used as cabinet doors or also as a jewelry display stand! Another perfect way to repurpose objects creatively is illumination. We came across this traditional farmhouse dining room with an amazing pendant light built from an old pig feeder and a classic crystal chandelier… and it’s fantastic!

We hope you’re excited to start on your own adventure now that you’ve learned farmhouse decorating tips and ideas, and we’re here to assist you! If you have any questions, please contact C SPACE to schedule a free consultation and get started on your affordable farmhouse interior design project today!

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