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Do you ever feel that a mash-up of styles is part of your interior design? Perhaps you enjoy the clean lines of modern mid-century, but also the natural rustic elements. Or you enjoy the informal aspect of the boho style, but still want to minimize things. Maybe you enjoy the most glamorous but also classic items that are more restrained. Don’t worry: those styles that seem to be unknown don’t make you nuts. They simply signify that your favorite home design style has an eclectic nature.

What is Eclectic Interior Design?

Eclectic interior design is a style that incorporates elements from a variety of different design styles into a single space. It has a casual combination of furnishings and décor that incorporates a range of styles. Eclectic décor frequently incorporates vivid colors and patterns, as well as surprising components.

How to Ace Eclectic Interior Design?

If the idea of putting together a fantastic combination of eclectic style furniture with a confident touch seems intimidating, we’ve put up a helpful guide with tips from C SPACE to help you design your own eclectic space with confidence.

Choose a color palette

Choosing a set of basic colors to complement your eclectic design is a fantastic place to start, and it will also serve as a guide to help you edit and bring your look together. It will also help to bring together aspects of eclectic design for a sense of harmony. To begin, we recommend picking one neutral color and one accent color. Using a relaxing neutral throughout the space will allow you to overlay a sensible foundation color over it and keep the space from seeming too overwhelming.

That neutral will go great with your accent color, especially when used in different areas of the room to give a unified look rather than a chaotic one. Starting with two classic tones for a studied yet nuanced perspective on eclectic home decor, add to and expand your core eclectic style palette as you go along.

Have a gallery on your wall

There is no better place to put a gallery wall than in a living room with an eclectic design. The mix of Mix and match frames fits the mood wonderfully, and you’ll have a lot of fun putting up a gallery wall while experimenting with color, depth, and style to create the ultimate eclectic boho living room. A gallery looks fantastic on plain walls because it allows you to add a lot of individuality and intrigue.

You may also use a gallery wall to create unique focus points. In a space with a riotous mix, having something to focus on and concentrate on enables the eye to roam about, which is wonderful for the weighty feeling an eclectic design room may generate. Choose a variety of frame types to match the artwork you’ll be displaying. For those on a budget, buying frames from secondhand stores and personalizing them in similar tones is a fantastic way to create unified boho décor on a shoestring.

Set up different furniture styles

Another fun and intelligent method to master wonderfully realized eclectic living room decor, eclectic bedroom decor, and eclectic house decor in general is to mix and match different furniture design types, as there is no space that a cheerful selection of products won’t highlight. This is, in essence, what eclectic style décor is all about: combining the old, new, modern, and classic.

Put some statement

It doesn’t matter what your statement object is or how it makes that point; it has to be bold. You don’t want too many assertions in one area, though. Depending on the size of your space, one or two statement pieces (if it’s a big one) should be enough to start people talking.

If you have too many aggressive discussion starters, they will ultimately compete with one another, and both will lose after overwhelming the audience and disregarding the diverse edge you were going for.

Play with patterns

This is where your individuality shines through, and you can be more bold when it comes to creating an eclectic interior design feel since you can experiment with expressive patterns and mix and match styles to discover what works and what doesn’t.

Throughout your eclectic décor plan, use comparable tones and hues while keeping your two main tones in mind. Disrupt the space, though, by combining surprising patterns that don’t always belong together. Pair products that normally go against each other and go for it; don’t be afraid of clashing patterns and colors; they’ll help you create a one-of-a-kind look.

Explore textures

Texture is the same way – have fun with it and bring in a variety of textures to make your eclectic home décor scream. Contrast textures to create a memorable eclectic atmosphere in your house. You want your area to have enough visual appeal to keep the eye fascinated. Introducing contrasting textures in little doses around the space is a clever way to achieve this without being overt.

Smooth textures should be placed next to rough, nubby textures (think marble surfaces vs wood grains), and soft textures should be placed close to harsh textures (luxurious sofas and throw cushions next to an industrial coffee table per se).

Just Enjoy Designing

It’s all about displaying your personality in a place with eclectic interior design. Allow yourself to be free of the harsh and outdated rules connected with standard interior design while designing your eclectic style home. Allow your imagination to go wild and experiment to your heart’s content.

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