Decorate your Apartment within your Budget

It might be difficult to decorate an apartment or a rental house. Renters are frequently stuck with the current wall, floor, cabinet, and other finishes, which are often generic and boring in rental apartments.


Many landlords today are willing to pay for authorized property upgrades in some instances. What’s the catch? You normally conduct the work yourself (for free) and are unable to take the improvements with you when you relocate. If you want to stay around for a while, though, it may be worthwhile to spend some time in the property. Some landlords could even be ready to accept a lower rent in return for some free labor.


5 Tips for Decorating a Studio Apartment


If making property modifications isn’t a possibility, there are still plenty of inexpensive methods to spruce up a rental space and transform it from drab to fantastic. For a unique flair and personality in your apartment or rental house, try these basic budget decorating ideas.




Even if you aren’t artistic, making budget (and free) wall art is quite simple. Plain stretched canvases are inexpensive, and they may be decoupaged or painted with nearly anything. Frame complementing colors of lovely fabric or scrapbook pages to match your décor for an even easier option.


Wall decals are affordable and widely accessible, and the majority of them are designed to be easily removed. Decals can also be used on tiling and furniture. Do you want to save even more money? Make your own version. Get a roll of self-adhesive, detachable shelf liner. This is simple to cut into various shapes or designs, apply on the wall, and then remove before moving out.


Curtains aren’t just for covering windows. To create a great highlight and add color and texture to your home, hang cheap curtains or fabric along a wall. You may even partition a vast space by hanging a drape from the ceiling.

Mirrors are a cost-effective technique to make a room look bigger. Mirrors make dark places appear brighter and tiny spaces appear bigger. Mirrors may be obtained for a reasonable price at home decorator stores or at estate auctions.

Choose light neutral hues that will be easy to repaint before you move if you are allowed to paint. Other components, such as art, furniture, and décor, might be used to provide color.



A renter’s best buddy is a throw rug. They are a terrific way to bring warmth, color, and design to an otherwise plain environment while also protecting the floor (and your deposit). Throw rugs may also be used to delineate living spaces in a studio apartment or a large room.


Many rental properties have window curtains already installed, but if you need or want window treatments on a budget, try creating your own—no sewing skills required. Cloth and craft stores sell fusible bonding webs (also known as stitch witchery), which may be used to make simple, finished-edged fabric panels to hang over windows or glass entryways.




In most rental buildings, replacing existing lighting fixtures is not permitted, but if a fixture is particularly unsightly or ineffective, it may be worth notifying the landlord. A good landlord may pleasantly surprise you by offering to replace it or refund you for the cost of doing so.

Adding more lighting to a room is a low-cost approach to liven up a boring environment. Think in layers from top to bottom when lighting a room. Although overhead lighting and lamps can create a soothing glow or task lighting, don’t forget to use floor uplighting or accent lighting to draw attention to artwork, cabinets, or bookshelves.



Consider furniture that serves many purposes if your rental space is limited. In a studio apartment, a couch bed, Murphy bed, or loft bed might be quite useful. Creative solutions for tiny spaces include ottomans that serve as storage or coffee tables that convert into dining tables.

Furnishing a rental house on a budget is easier than ever thanks to Craigslist and online swaps, as well as numerous flea markets and yard sales. Invest in a new mattress, but everything else should be used. It’s astonishing how beautiful a peacock blue dresser can appear when painted.


Accessories are one of the most effective ways to bring color and individuality to a rented area. Accessories are lightweight and easy to transport. Look for handcrafted or vintage objects to spice up your room if your apartment or rental house is otherwise plain.

Throw cushions and little items like ceramics, photo frames, and book covers may provide a splash of color. These objects are affordable, and if they don’t match or fit into your new house, they can be quickly painted, covered up, or given.

Houseplants can breathe new life into an area that is otherwise drab, and they are inexpensive. If you work long hours or don’t want to deal with a lot of upkeep, try succulents or other low-maintenance plants.



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