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Summer may be technically gone, but hot and humid days and steamy nights continue in many regions of the Philippines. While installing air conditioning is the apparent option, there are several methods to lower the temperature inside (and outside) your home without causing your power bill to rise.

The importance of ventilation cannot be overstated.

It will be easier to keep your home cool if you increase the flow of fresh air through it. Open windows on opposing sides of the room for cross ventilation and enjoy the breeze! Vertical ventilation moves air from the floor to the ceiling. Because hot air rises, bringing fresh air in, up, and out aids in the removal of heat.

Don’t overlook the ceiling fan.

While some individuals dislike ceiling fans, they do assist to cool your house by providing more air circulation. You’re also no longer restricted to plain white fans. There are so many lovely fans on the market these days that you’re bound to discover one that matches your decor.

Inside and out, choose your window treatments and floor coverings with care.

If you look at homes in Italy, you’ll notice that many of them have outside shutters – and for good reason. External shutters keep the excessive heat out of the house before it gets inside (and can keep the cold air out in winter). They can also be used to control the flow of air. To protect fragile curtains from the sun’s rays, they should be lined on the inside. They may become heavy as a result of this, so make sure you can draw them back clear of the window to allow for proper circulation.

Your floor coverings must also be considered while selecting window treatments. We’ve all enjoyed the cool sensation of shaded tiles underfoot in the summer, but surfaces with a greater thermal mass, such as concrete, stone, and ceramic tiles, will be heated by direct sunshine. Keeping the heat out of your windows will also keep it out of your floor surfaces, preventing fading and deterioration if you have carpet.

Choose textiles that are appropriate for the climate in the Philippines.

During the summer, natural, light, and breathable items are more comfortable to wear, and the same rule applies inside your house. While a leather couch is durable and elegant, reclining on a fabric sofa in the sweltering summer heat is frequently more pleasant.

Consider choosing textiles that reflect rather than absorb light and heat. This is true for paint colors, exterior wall colors, and the color of your roof.

Make it a green color.

Did you know that when trees and plants “sweat,” they are able to cool themselves as well as the air around them? As a result, planting trees, shrubs, and bushes can aid in the cooling of your home.

Snake Plants (Sansevieria), Rubber Plants (Ficus Elastica), and Chinese Evergreens (Aglaonema) are excellent indoor plants that require minimal maintenance. Plant some fruit plants or native species in pots near windows and entrances outside. Of course, you’ll want to pick plants that are appropriate to your climate and soil type, so it’s a good idea to get guidance from a local nursery before you begin planting.

Creating a lovely undercover area outdoors, covered by plants and trees, gives a sanctuary to escape the heat, and if you add some comfy chairs, an outdoor kitchen, and a ceiling fan, it will quickly become your favorite hangout spot.

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