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Wouldn’t it be lovely if your morning commute consisted of nothing more than getting out of bed and walking across the room? With the rise of the work-from-home trend, many people’s dreams are becoming a reality! A home office is a wonderful way to reduce distractions and get your brain into work mode, whether you work full-time from home, need a place to study, or simply want a dedicated space that isn’t your couch to answer emails.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a spare room in which to set up a home office. However, with a little imagination, you can turn your bedroom into an office space! A great home office setup is essential for efficiency, whether you work from home every day or only occasionally. A dedicated workspace can boost your imagination and focus, and the good news is that you can set one up in almost any room of your house.

To get some ideas for your WFH setup, check out some of our favorite small office spaces.

Make a Home Office Out of a Closet

cabinet office space

The interior designer chose a narrow, low-profile desk to maximize the small space. Books and a printer can be stored on the shelving above it. The invigorating hue of orange paint brightened up the nook. The best thing is that closing the door puts the office out of sight until it’s time to leave.

Master Bedroom Office Design

master bedroom office space

Consider adding a full desk set-up for your workday if you have a large master bedroom. You can use an open wall or, even better, a wall with windows because, after all, who doesn’t enjoy working with a view?

However, don’t let your workplace dictate your bedroom decor. Make sure you have enough room to move around and choose furniture that isn’t too distracting. When you’re not working, look for a chair that tucks under the desk to save space. Visually, a desk with plenty of storage for supplies can assist you to achieve the ideal work-life balance.

A curtain that divides a room

office curtain divider

A curtain can be used to cut out a nook for your home office. The cloth “wall” runs the whole length of the room. When locked, it creates a barrier between the work area and the living room.

Small bedroom with a desk.

Small bedroom with desk

Try replacing your nightstand with a desk if you only have a tiny bedroom to work with. This combines the functions of a desk and a nightstand in one piece, saving you money on furniture! If you choose this option, make sure your reading lamp is on the inside edge of the desk so it can be used for both working and reading while in bed.

Home Office with a Sofa Bed

office space with sofa bed

Guest rooms are lovely, but when you don’t have guests for 350 days out of the year, they can feel like a waste of space. If this sounds like you, turn your guest room into a year-round home office!

You can design a space with a sofa bed to build a fully functional office that can easily convert to a guest room when required, or you can go with a full-sized bed with a desk setup if you plan to use this office on a regular basis.

Daybed in the Office.

Small space

Consider combining an office with a daybed if you have a small space. Without a full-size bed, you should fit in a bigger desk, a bookshelf, and a plush chair without feeling claustrophobic. The daybed has a smaller footprint and can be used as a place to relax during the day or as a sleeping space for the occasional couch-surfer.

Bookcase With a Desk

Small space

Think again if you think you don’t have enough space for a workspace. This approach allows you to fit an office into even the tiniest bedrooms or living rooms, as well as an entryway or pass-through space. What exactly is this enchanted solution? A bookcase that hangs on the wall!

Many bookcase models come with a desk instead of lower shelves as an alternative. This allows for a convenient office that doesn’t take up too much room on the floor. This is also an excellent way to blend storage and workspace. All you need now is a comfortable chair (or a chair from your dining room table) and you’re done! Owning a home office is a dream come true.

Workstation in a Children’s Room

kids office space

Kids’ rooms can easily become cluttered with various items, but there’s no denying that your budding scholar requires a proper workspace as well. If your child doesn’t need a large desk, a plain and elegant alternative can be tucked into the corner. Take a page from a small-space design and use it as a nightstand. This way, they’ll have a dedicated space to work on homework or express themselves through arts and crafts.

Desk Under a Loft Bed

loft bed office space

Do you have a teen who likes their room to feel mature and trendy? This cool, loft bedroom office design might be just what you’re looking for. The empty space beneath the top bunk is ideal for a cozy desk setup that also saves space on the floor. This is also a wonderful way to make the bunk bed you just bought last year last longer!

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